Match fishing


A message from Clive Branson
During my angling career, which has now spanned over 50 years (see My Story),
I have witnessed many developments and much innovation. Billed as the worlds first professional angler,
introduced an innovatory approach to teaching videos and imported new concepts from abroad;
 high-tech fishing lines, wagglers and stick float on winders, new groundbait secrets and methods,
pole float designs, just to mention a few. Throughout my career, innovation has been the key;
An early pioneer in developing on-line information for anglers (see this archive ) my popular  
website was one of the first in the UK, established in 1997.
The internet is now a crucial tool for anglers, benefiting us all well into the future;
I hope you enjoy My New Match Fishing online  pages which are full of NEWS, VIEWS, TIPS and INFORMATION
Up-Dated on a regular bases, and please gleam as much useful information as you want and email me your Views, Reports,
Pictures and other interesting match stories.

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