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World Champion Clive Branson Trophy collection
World Champion Clive Branson

Having coached anglers for over 40 years on still-waters and Rivers throughout the UK I decided to take a break and try the magnificent fishing in Thailand. In short I fell in love with what Thailand fishing had to offer. Everything from small Perch type fish called Tilapia, Siamese Carp, Common Carp Various Catfish including Swai, Striped, Mekong, leopard and redtails, Other exotic fish including Freshwater Stingrays plus one of the hardest fighting fish in the World – called Arapaima fish.

Once in a Lifetime Experience 

Along with my coaching experiences I have put together a Once in a Lifetime fishing experience that includes a Package for Anglers back in the UK to experience the great fishing in Thailand, that includes a flight package Pick-up from Airport to a 5 Star Hotel accommodation. Day trips to a selection of venues including breakfast and lunches and personal coaching.

Packages to suit  

Bait and tackle if needed are all included in the Thailand Fishing Package and as there is a limit to the amount of anglers I can coach at anyone time then booking is done on a first come basis. Please checkout the dates and prices on my booking page…..  Click here

See below some of the fish to be caught. Mostly on British Float Methods including waggler, sliding float and method feeder

Kio Carp
Tilapia Panin fish
Siamese Indian Carp
Siamese Indian Carp
Swai Catfish
Swai Catfish
Big Head Chinese Carp
Big Head Chinese Carp

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