Methods in Thailand

Methods in Thailand include the usual methods that work just as we use back home on still waters,  waggler fishing, ledgering, Feeder fishing, spinning, and predator fishing, ie live bait.

Because of the warm temperature fish tend to feed in spasms and sometimes you can empty the place where sometimes it’s a waiting game. I found that fish feed at all levels in the water so it’s a good idea to keep changing depths especially when float fishing.

Fishing the feeder is a different matter where you may have to wait a bit longer as the bigger fish tend to come to this method. Although at one venue big 20lb + redtail cats came to the surface to feed. Using a feeder float works well on these occasions.

As part of the package I will advise you more in detail on methods and how to feed to get the best out of the swim


Breadcrumb and bread flake are the most popular bait methods. With various different flavourings added, it is best try them all to see which work best for you. Most of the parks supply their own bait and do not allow you to bring it in from outside otherwise you can bring or buy your own from the local tackle shops. (I believe that our British groundbaits would work extremely well on most of the venues)


Typical Thai Bread Groundbait

Method feeder seems to work very well on most venues and bigger the better see photo’s 
Method feeder
Method feeder

King size Prawns work well on the hook including the feeder and float fishing, combined with a sloppy groundbait mix. On one occasion I was emptying the venue I was fishing and all the local and visiting anglers were mesmerised and wondering how I was doing it. Simply catching the fish on the drop using a light waggler and small pieces of prawn on the hook.

Another bait I was successful with was cut pork meat on the hook while groundbaiting with a flavoured breadcrumb and thinking luncheon meat would be a winner. Biolies could also be a big winner on most venues including pop up baits.

I would suggest using some flavour enhancing on the bait and groundbait especially if fishing for those hard fighting Tilapia’s. As of writing this page Maggots, worms etc are not available in Thailand but that could be my next project watch this space….

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