We are a small privately run commercial fishery simulating the commercial run fisheries back in the UK but with that little extra. Giving anglers the best possible chances of catching quality mixed species of Thai fish including;
Siamese giant carp, striped catfish, walking catfish, pacu, tilapia, rohu, Amazon red tail catfish, barramundi, snakehead, grass carp, common carp, golden carp, bighead carp, koi carp, Ghost carp, Mud Carp, Grass carp, Giant gourami and alligator gar fish with more species planned for the future.

We can provide Tackle or an angler can use their own providing they use barbless hooks and use the un-hooking mats that are placed around the venue.

Wilf also cater for the match angler with a competition most weekends so if you fancy a go against the local rods then give him a ring and book yourself in

With an in-house catering service we can offer
good quality Thai and  Western food including our famous British chip butty. Realistic priced beer and British cider. All set under a large well fanned seating area. (Wilf's generosity of offering free brunches are well known by local ex patriots and often very busy on those days so booking in advance is advisable)

As a special bonus Wilf can pick you up and your guests from your accommodation in Pattaya 

FREE of charge before midday by telephone the day beforehand  (A taxi can return you at any given time afterwards)
We have a Free Wi-Fi system installed including a large plasma TV screen showing all live Sports and news from the UK

Offering groups and parties have been very successful while catering for families is import to us, therefore we provide a children play area that includes a bouncing trampoline, climbing frame, slide and swings an ideal location for all the family

Looking after our customers is paramount to us and local anglers volunteer their expertise to the beginner and less experienced while Wilf and his friendly staff are always on hand to help

  Disable  friendly .....

See what others say about us

Arrived around 08:00, conditions were overcast, caught x6 catfish by 09:30, all around the same size, 3kg. Used scented bread suspended by a float/feeder about 1ft below the surface.
Switched to lighter tackle & caught x 4 (Plah Nin) Talapia & x 2 Yeesock using the same scented bread mix..Overall a good day, will definitely be back.

Great few days fishing in the park. Wilf himself is a gent and we were well taken care of by the staff. Grub was top notch too Great place to spend the day fishing, or just to drop in and relax for a few hours to catch a few fish. We will deffo be back again ....Al Marsden

A great fishing park, all the staff are friendly and helpful Wilf is a true gent, food and drinks very good. And very good fishing...Allen Macavoy

Great fishing spot, great food,cheap beers & friendly staff, will be definitely going again.... Jay Martin