Fishing In Pattaya Thailand with Clive Branson

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My Blog in the Sun

It’s been an experience my few weeks in Thailand something never to be forgotten and definitely to put on your bucket list of things to do in your lifetime. From privately run fishing parks (Commercials) to free for all open waters. With beautiful sunny weather and warm tropical waters the difference being foreign species of fish with slightly different methods.

I must say the commercial run fisheries are 100% better here in Thailand than back home offering tackle and bait with an all in price ranging from £5 - £24 a day. With meals and drinks brought to your peg a bonus, a personal guide to help catch the various species also a great help in netting the fish especially if it’s a huge double and they even mix the Groundbait.

In and around Pattaya, Southwest of Thailand there are over 15 commercial run fisheries (3 Run by expatriates) and dozens of free fishing venues, however these free venues are well over fished and when I say free for all I mean fishing with dozens of rods at a time and mostly with method feeders and a minimum of 5 hooks lengths attached. To top that every other person is netting the venue dry, it’s unbelievable how any fish survive to adulthood. Yet fishing is perhaps the number one sport and every fish caught is put into the cooking pot. Oh yes no rod license required. Conversely the commercial venues are out of this World (Catch and release the exception on some species which can be purchased for cooking) stocked to the brim offering all types of species ranging from small roach type of fish to 2lb plus spiney Tilapias similar to Perch there are also huge Siamese Carp growing up to 200lb plus quick growing commons in abundance, an array of catfish that feed on the surface feeding off bread And for the angler who prefer to catch predators then Thailand is the place catching a 50lb+ Arapaima fish was a great experience for me using mackerel heads. Double figure Redtail cats on chicken heart are popular as is Mekong cats that grow excessively large up 100lb each.

A trip up to North Thailand was also a new experience with just a few commercial fisheries to speak of and plenty of free river venues where fishing for the pot common place. It was like going back in medieval times living of the land if it grew or moved it would find itself in the cooking pot including water snails, water plants including blanker weed. However anglers are the same all over and most are friendly and prepared to show you there methods conversely prepared to learn new ones.

Catching fish on a method feeder with 5 hook lengths was new one on me but better still on the hook was a small piece of floating polystyrene that would account for the fish caught with two fish often retrieved.

I still have a couple months left for my fishing vacation and with a few matches planned with some expatriates who have settled her (Seems like living the dream) I will keep you posted so come back soon.... Visit my website for more information if you fany giving this fantastic fishing a go


  Castaways Park (John Harvey owner)                Wilfs Fishery (Leeds angler)                            Freddies Lake  (Irish Jon)               

       settling in                                                                  tackling up                                           my help mixing groundbait
 Landing a few fish
                                   Koi Carp                                                       Tilapia                           Striped Cat                         
                          Chub type fish                                                              Panggasius cat fish

                        Pacu Pirahna type                                                        Siamese Carp

                                              Arapaima 50lb                                                    Netting an Arapaima
                       Knife Fish                                                  Giant Gourami                                                         Redtail Cat
                     Nampsom River koen kaen North Thailand                      Double catching                                   For the pot

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